Morning yoga in Warsaw’s Centrum

Start your day differently… so that everyone around will wonder what’s so special about you…

Morning yoga is something really special. If this is one of your first activities in the morning, the practice can do miracles. There are so many benefits that it’s difficult to mention all of them here. However, there are a few that speak for themselves.



Morning yoga is:




OH LALA, Pankiewicza Street 3, Warsaw. This place is almost always on the way. It’s literally 3 minutes walk from Warsaws Metro Centrum. Despite this, peace and calmness rule inside. There is only us and yoga in the morning. Afterwards you can take a shower and start your day refreshed and ready for action. You will fall in love with such mornings. ❤


At this time will not find overcrowded rooms and crush here. You will though find a time for yourself, an individual approach of the teacher and a lot of goodness to take home.


For Kundalini Yoga morning classes in Warsaw’s center please contact:

E-mail:  or call: +48 793 284 245