The online option is a proposition for those who, for various reasons, are not able to personally attend classes (either individual or in group classes) or want to deepen their training with additional, independent home practice.

This idea came about thanks to my students, with which I regularly practice yoga in group and individual classes and in companies. Advanced and regular practitioners, in the face of long departures, needed a practice that would keep their body and mind in good shape. Other people with basic knowledge and experience wanted to practice at home further, concentrating more on their needs and goals. Still others, who did not have access to the Kundalini Yoga classes, wanted to start practicing on their own.
This is how the concept of individual practice in electronic version was created.

Email Consultation

Thanks to the detailed and elaborately described practice – the place and time ceases to matter. Regardless of where you are and what time it is, your practice is with you. This way you can keep your exercise routine and enjoy the benefits of regular body and mind exercises.

How does it work?

Email/phone consultation -> Practice preparation -> Re-consultation, additional tips, verification of progress.

What does it include?

Overview of needs and purpose of the practice – (email or telephone) consultation preceding the preparation of the practice. We discuss your possibilities, the specific conditions and the goal you want to achieve.

Complete practice in Kundalini Yoga tradition (as taught by Yogi Bhajan)- described in detail and illustrated, so step by step you go through it yourself at home. Each practice is individually prepared and contains specific tips, check points for more difficult asanas, possible modifications, and alternative positions – tailored to your capabilities and conditions. Depending on the purpose of the practice you will receive 1-2 sets of exercises (kriyas) and 2-3 meditations with descriptions in electronic version. Everything strictly targeted at predetermined goals.

Progress consultation – after about a week or two we discuss the whole practice again, concentrating on your experiences and what’s difficult for you. It’s a good time to ask specific questions and receive additional tips.

Key benefits:


  • Does not matter any more, you can practice no matter where you are and what time it is
  • Thanks to flexibility in terms of time and place, it is easier to maintain the continuity of practice
  • Adapt your practice to your active lifestyle and responsibilities
  • Practice exactly when you need it


  • The degree of practice individualization is very similar to individual activities, so that you adapt it to your needs and capabilities
  • Concentrate on your goals, you can focus on different effects in your practice, both physical and mental
  • You can take into account any injuries and limitations
  • Minimal, in comparison to idividual classes, teacher’s participation means a blend of needed support with freedom of action


  • stronger and lasting, growing with engagement effects
  • greater body and psychic awareness, thus greater control
  • develop habit, use your motivation for something else
  • support good habits, eradicate negative ones
  • meeting with yourself, in silence, time just for you
  • satisfaction from your progress
  • confidence in different spheres of life
  • satisfactory, harmonious relationships with loved ones

What you should know?

  • Think well about what you want to focus on in your practice. It can be very general (for example, strength and flexibility of the body, hormonal balance), but thanks to a huge variety of techniques and traditional exercise sets, you can focus on specific mental and physical goals (aerobic capacity, chronic spine pain, self esteem, emotional balance in stress situations, etc.).
  • Prepare all questions you want to ask me.
  • Think about how much time you can devote to practice and when it will be (time of day) what place (home, office)
  • By contacting me, tell me about your special needs or restrictions.
  • Please inform me about pregnancy or any health issues. In case of serious health issues consult your doctor first and follow his/hers directions. Let me know what they are.
  • During your practice you will have more questions and conclusions. Write them down, we’ll discuss them all at the next consultation.
  • Total cost is 150 PLN paid in advance to account given in the contact tab.