You won't get it more personal. Classes 1 on 1 are the most individual and effective form of practice under the guidance of a teacher.

Individual classes

Thanks to individual classes, you will adapt your practice to your time and goals you want to achieve. The advantage of individual classes over a group class is teacher’s full concentration on the student. With this approach, you will learn and improve at your own pace and customiz practice according to your specific needs and abilities. Individual practice means also definitely faster results. Thanks to the specificity of Kundalini Yoga, the training can be targeted in detail on selected aspects, both physical and mental. You can also support your profession or your passion (eg, interpersonal skills in business or capacity in triathlon training).

Body, mind and spirit mutually influence each other, so the most effective way of self-development is holistic practice at all levels at the same time. It is one of the most important assets of Kundalini Yoga and what sets it apart from other yoga paths. Regardless of what level you are, private yoga classes are a unique meeting with yourself, allowing you to build a new, better version of you.

For whom?

Individual lessons are the perfect solution for people who value privacy by submitting 1 on 1 practice over group classes. It is also a good solution for those who for some reason cannot attend group classes or the hours in which the classes are held do not suit them. Individual classes are for beginners who want to learn Kundalini Yoga as well as for advanced practicioners who want to deepen their practice.

Where and with whom?

Practice is held in a appointed place in Warsaw or in the area. This may be your space or yoga studio. Classes run by Marcin Topolski or, if necessary, one of the teachers cooperating with him, matching the needs and preferences of the practitioner.

Depending on the chosen direction, during individual classes we focus on achieving your goals. These may include:


  • Healthy and flexible spine
  • Strength and elasticity of the body
  • Increased capacity of the body
  • Optimal weight and effective cleansing
  • Health and resilience
  • Balanced hormonal system
  • Strong nervous system


  • Overcoming inner limitations and unwillingness to change
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Strength of will and determination in pursuit of goals
  • Acceptance and confidence
  • Control and management of emotions
  • Concentration and clarity of mind


  • Intuition and self potential
  • Integration of personality at all levels
  • Higher states of consciousness
  • Conscious management and energy regeneration
  • Life efficiency
  • Conscious presence here and now
What you should know?
  • You need a comfortable, non-restrictive outfit.
  • Do not eat for 2 hours before class.
  • Tell your teacher about pregnancy or health problems.
  • In case of serious health issues please consult your doctor first and follow his/hers recommendations, let the teacher know what they are.
  • Do not exercise under the influence of intoxicants (alcohol, psychotropic drugs, drugs).
  • Availability: suggested one week’s advance booking.
  • Cost: set individually.


Single session. 1,5h or adequate to the needs and capabilities of the practitioner. Recommended for people who want to see if Kundalini Yoga is for them. This is also a proposition for those who want to return to their practice after a long break or those who want to gain sufficient confidence to join a group class.


Three individual practices of 1.5h in convinient time. This option is especially recommended for people who want to start their own home practice. After the first class we agree on direction of the practice and adequately complete yoga training is prepared. During second practice we go through the whole sequence, with all the control points for difficult assanas, times and eventually alternate positions. The third one is progress related session, with possible adjustments and practice extension.


Regular yoga practice for determined to make changes in their life. Constant phone access and flexible practice hours.

Here are just a few of the most popular alternatives. In each case, we work together to optimize practice framework to suit your needs and capabilities.