Marcin Topolski is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. His education was led by many world-class teachers. He teaches open and individual classes and cooperates with many Polish and foreign companies leading regular practices for their employees and managing staff. He organizes targeted training trips in Poland and abroad.

Furthermore, Topolski is engaged in research projects related to yoga Kundalini, currently running research project in cooperation with the Warsaw SWPS and the University of Warsaw, devoted to the regulation of emotions through yoga practice.

He completed Sociology and Cultural studies at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt. Fluent in English, communicative in German, Russian, Spanish and Italian.

Marcin lived in many parts of Europe, among others in Germany, Italy, England and Scotland. Traveller type, loves to meet people, encounter other cultures, watching the world from different perspectives. He is fascinated by the culture of the East, the mentality of people, their approach to life and the most fundamental truths. Thanks to the interests and travels he has had the opportunity to work with many well-known and experienced teachers, coaches, trainers, personal advisers, medicine doctors, psychologists, Buddhist monks, healers, yogis and martial arts masters.

Privately, partner and proud father of 2 years old Mikołaj. Marathon runner, motorcyclist and traveler.

He loves challenges. On the mat, Topolski exercises the personality and strong will that he then uses in various areas of his life. He loves practicing his own yoga and teaching yoga to others. He tried many activities, including various forms of yoga and martial arts, but stayed with Yoga Kundalini, recognizing it as the most complementary development path, bringing lasting and relatively fast changes.

Professionally, devoted entirely to students and their development. A teacher with a heart and vocation, constantly raising the bar for himself and students. His vision is to provide the world’s most effective Kundalini Yoga techniques, tailored to the needs of our time.

He constantly perfects his skills to give more of himself. The object of his particular interest is the practical use of Kundalini Yoga technology in the processes of self-improvement and personal development, and of increasing one’s own potential.